Family Constellations in Kvar Saba


Annebiene Pilon and Vladimir Dmitriev have a blooming practice- The Inner Light- for family-constellations and acupuncture in the Netherlands.

Annebiene Pilon is a well known NLP- and hypno-therapist of Dutch Origin who was born and raised in Nes Amim, a small community in Israel that tries to bridge the divides of faith. 

Together with her partner Vladimir Dmitriev - a Russian doctor, acupuncturist and author- they developed a unique combination of Family Constellation and medical diagnostics


It runs in the family...


People have natural need for balance and harmony. And that applies in particular in the family context. It is important that no one in a family is forgotten or locked out and that there is a proper balance in the responsibilities of family members relative to each other.

However in each family, events occur that disrupt family harmony. Childeren than have the natural tendency to dissolve sadness or parents problems. It may happen that a child unconsciously takes responsibility for the fate of the parent, grandmother, or grandparent, even when he had grown up. this can create epigenetic patterns that are passed over generations.

The well-known German Therapist Bert Hellinger had developed family constellations as a method of identifying and solving the remnants of old traumas  and to restore harmony . This creates indight and space to re-live life. 


You are invited


Work is done in groups of up to 18 people. After a brief interview about the issue that you want to adress you are invited to ask different group members. to be a substitute for various family members and set up your own family. Through the constellation the members of the group get intuitive acces to the feelings and mutual relationships of actual familymembers. The therapist engages with the members of the family setting and shifts the positions untill the emotional energy flows again. For the client, the effect is that a pattern on a deep, often unconsious level is adressed.


In this way Annebiene already helped thousands of clients who encountered all kinds of problems and illnesses that were related to traumas suffered by ancestors in their family